To enhance your experience of erotic massage london, see it as an opportunity to learn about and rediscover your partner’s body and mind, however well you might think you know them. Imagine that every time you touch your partner, you are experiencing that connection for the very first time, eagerly and openly. Make-believe that you know nothing about sex, and have never even heard of the concept. Pretend that the only time you have with your partner is here and now; that the past doesn’t exist and there is no future.
By freeing yourself from the ties of familiarity and reality, you become more open to new ideas and more willing to push boundaries. It both liberates you and encourages you to see your partner in a new light, so that when you touch and explore him or her, it is with a sense of wonder. Get to know every inch of his or her body and notice every distinctive mark or characteristic. Above all, have fun. You don’t have to take erotic massage london too seriously—it’s also about
playing together and indulging one another without any end goal. This in itself can take you both to new
levels of bliss. Erotic massage london is not something that leads to sex, or replaces sex, although it can if you both desire it. It is most definitely a pleasure to be enjoyed in its own right.