Environment erotic massage


Scented candles are a convenient way to bring fragrance and soft light to your erotic massage london space. Organic candles made from natural ingredients reduce the amount of harmful chemicals released into your environment.

Make sure that you will not be interrupted during the erotic massage london so that you can both relax without fear of disturbance. Turn off all telephones. Make sure that children are either out or asleep in bed. If children are older, make sure they know not to come crashing into the house. Most teenagers, if you tell them you’re going to be doing a erotic massage, will stay well away! If you tend to receive a lot of visitors, put a note on your front door saying that you’re “resting” and asking them not to ring the bell.
As well as evoking an erotic mood, music can be used to mask any unwelcome noises from the outside world.
Choose music that is not too invasive or insistent. Ambient music is ideal , and there is plenty of music written specifically for erotic  massage.
Make sure that you have easy access to your music player and that you can control the volume. An MP3 player is ideal as you can compile your own playlist of suitable music that will continue for hours without you having to get up and change CDs.
Creating a special environment in which your partner feels pampered can enrich the whole experience. Make an effort to acquire exquisite rugs, shawls, cushions, sheets, and towels. Use quality materials in luxurious colors throughout your space to enhance the magic and mystery of the erotic massage.
If you have a secluded yard and the weather is warm, set up your erotic massage outdoors. You will enjoy the close proximity to nature, the sound of the breeze through the trees, the sun caressing your skin, water running into a pond, the birds singing. Bring a shawl or blanket to cover your partner in case he or she feels chilly, and lots of water to drink if you’re giving the  eroti massage in strong sunlight.