Tantric Massage London

Tantric Massage London

Tantric Massage London

Tantric massage London is one of the most practical and accessible methods of finding lasting health and happiness. As you get in touch with your body and mind through Tantric massage methods, you become more aware of your needs, and what makes you feel truly alive. Tantric massage London helps you to connect with your partner, and fosters intimacy.


An ancient Indian art of Tantra massage is still very relevant today. It is a practice that helps you connect with your body and embraces your physical and emotional desires and needs. Tantra massage can help you find balance and harmony,
and find new, creative ways to live your daily existence. Tantric massage can be highly erotic; it uses your sensual capacity to take your body and mind on a sensuous, blissful journey. Tantra massage london uses and harnesses sexual energy for the purpose of healing the body and accessing higher states of consciousness.

It is sometimes called the “fast track to enlightenment,” because its simple methods can connect you deeply in body, mind, and soul with your partner in a very short space of time. This can lead to deeper intimacy, such as lovemaking or erotic massage london.

One of the many benefits of Tantric massage london is that you become more aware of your body. You may find that you eat more healthily, sleep more soundly, andgenerally take better care of yourself. This can happen effortlessly; the more you look after yourself, the more you want to keep feeling good.

As a result, you may find that you feel positive, and your relationships improve. A heightened experience of physical pleasure is another benefit. The massages teach you to ride waves of desire, rather than going for goal-oriented resolution, such as orgasm or ejaculation. You learn to spend more time enjoying the erotic moment.


Shiva was the spiritual master who developed Tantric massage London practices 5,000 years ago, with his female consort, Shakti. In Tantra, the man is sometimes referred to as Shiva, reflecting the fact that he embodies the universal masculine principle.

The woman sometimes takes the name Shakti. Shiva expresses primarily masculine or yang traits such as purpose, and Shakti embodies feminine or yin traits of love and compassion. Tantra massage london recognizes that all people contain elements of both.

It also recognizes that when you bring these elements together, you enrich and energize each other.
Bringing the forces of a man and woman together results in a potent explosion of energy. It is the merging of the masculine and feminine that creates life itself. Using this amazing energy in your massage is a truly erotic experience.


Creating a space in which to try tantric massage London can help you get in to the right frame of mind. You could devote one room to this space, or transform your bedroom. Remove any distractions, such as work, or television. Add soft, ambient lighting such as candlelight to create an atmosphere of tranquillity and romance.

Use rich materials, such as silk and wool blankets, throws, and cushions to make the space feel warm, abundant, and comfortable, choosing traditional Tantric massage London colors such as burgundy, red, and yellow.