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London Sensual Therapy

Sensual massage sound vibrations are deciphered in the brain, but also felt deep within the body. Human beings are extremely responsive to sound on an emotional level. A beautiful love song or a sexy voice can be a potent aphrodisiac.
Music instantly creates an atmosphere and can change your mood in a second.


Although sensual massage is primarily about touch, taking time to stimulate the other senses will create an enriched experience for you and your partner. Try the following suggestions for a massage rich in sensual pleasures massage and erotic delights london:

Sound—Play peaceful or evocative music, whisper loving and empowering words into your partner’s ear, or hum directly onto his or her skin, creating a sound vibration through the body.

Taste—Have fun with food during your sensual massage. Eat tasty morsels directly from your partner’s body, or feed your partner bite-sized delights like fruit or chocolate while you are massaging london.
Smell—Burn aromatherapy oils in a burner, light scented candles, or place drops of essential oils on a tissue and waft them under your partner’s nose.

Sight—Watch a favorite sensual massage  movie beforehand to stimulate the erotic mind. As the massage unfolds, slowly remove each layer of clothing in a slow-build striptease and when you’re eventually naked, dance erotically for your partner. Beautify the space with flowers, aesthetic art, and stylish candles.

Waking the senses

When your body is working well, you feel healthy, happy, and whole. When all your senses are functioning at optimum level, you can take in and enjoy more of the world around you. Bringing your fully alert, heightened senses to your erotic massage london enhances the experience tenfold for both masseur and recipient.