Erotic Massage Therapy

Erotic Massage

What is erotic massage?

Erotic massage provides all the benefits of regular massage, but unlike most forms of hands-on manipulation it is meant to be a deeply sensual experience.
Taking the best techniques from a wide range of massage styles and giving them a provocative and powerful twist, eroticmassage helps couples to tap into their sensual natures. As the masseur, you will discover how to pleasure your partner;as the recipient you will learn to revel in your partner’s touch. Erotic massage gives you the tools to explore your sexualityand connect physically and emotionally.


The term “erotic” comes from Eros, the Greek god of love, and describes the arousal of sexual feelings or strong desire. You can introduce eroticism intoc just about anything you do, be it listening to music, dancing, or eating a meal. It simply involves engaging all your senses and using the activity to help you get in touch with your earthy, sexual nature.


Erotic massage makes use of sexual energy to increase intimacy, prolong pleasure, heighten arousal, and intensify sexual fulfilment. It encourages individuals to freely express sexual desire, lust, fantasy, and passion.By promoting the flow of erotic energy throughout the body, this type of massage can also have healing effects.

It certainly enables the recipient to enjoy deep relaxation and the blissful sensations of erotic touch.The techniques in this book owe much to Swedish, Shiatsu, Taoist, and Holistic massage, and include all the traditional strokes, such as kneading, feathering, hacking, and cupping.

There is plenty of freedom in erotic massage to experiment with your own ways of massaging and touching. As you relax and drop all expectations and agendas, you will find yourselves trying new, intimate strokes and caresses that you think your partner might enjoy. What is importantis to experience a heightened awareness of each and  every moment, and to respond intuitively and lovingly.
Everything is explained clearly, but the book is a guide:
add your own strokes as you feel you want to.


You and your partner can enjoy erotic massage as an end in itself, not necessarily as a prelude to sex. The key is to make it clear to your partner that you are giving him or her a gift, without desire for a reward.Learn to derive joy from your partner’s body, and from the pleasure you give. Enjoy the moans and sighs you are able to provoke simply by using your hands, fingers, mouth, hair, and voice in different ways.The recipient is able to enjoy a feeling of freedom and intense relaxation, but there are advantages for the masseur, too.

When you massage without an agenda or goal, the flow of energy becomes a cycle, passingbetween you and building up to a reciprocal exchange of pleasure. So the ecstasy is mutual!Everyone has a unique response to massage so a masseur should never try to manipulate or “direct” the recipient into any particular reaction or experience.
Erotic massage should be nourishing, loving, holistic, and empowering for both the giver and receiver. Massage is not about doing something to another person but about “giving” to each other, and being together in the moment.


When sexual energy is coursing through the body, human beings tend to feel at their most vibrant, energized, and alive. Fortunately, these feelings of happiness and vitality are available to all of us every moment of the day, and you don’t have to be engaged in sexual intercourse to experience them.

You do, however, need to learn how to tune into them, which is where erotic massage comes in. Erotic massage can take both partners into this state of optimum awareness, in which every sense is alert and you feel alive in the moment. For some, the intimacy and orgasmic potential of erotic massage would define it as “sex.” For others, it is not sex unless penetration occurs.

The definition is for you to make. Just be aware that traditional ideas about massage and foreplay leading to sex can be limiting. Sometimes it is necessary to rethink old patterns of behavior or challenge unvoiced assumptions in order to provide room for freshness and spontaneity in a relationship.


To enhance your experience of erotic massage, see it as an opportunity to learn about and rediscover your partner’s body and mind, however well you might think you know them. Imagine that every time you touch your partner, you are experiencing that connection for the very first time, eagerly and openly.
Make-believe that you know nothing about sex, and have never even heard of the concept. Pretend that the only time you have with your partner is here and now; that the past doesn’t exist and there is no future.By freeing yourself from the ties of familiarity and reality, you become more open to new ideas and more willing to push boundaries.

It both liberates you and encourages you to see your partner in a new light, so that when you touch and explore him or her, it is with a sense of wonder. Get to know every inch of his or her body and notice every distinctive mark or characteristic.

Above all, have fun. You don’t have to take erotic massage too seriously it’s also about playing together and indulging one another without any end goal. This in itself can take you both to new levels of bliss. Erotic massage is not something that leads to sex, or replaces sex, although it can if you both desire it. It is most definitely a pleasure to be enjoyed in its own right.