Erotic Beginnings

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Getting ready for massage ?

Just as you would show a guest to a table already prepared for dinner, the space in which you offer the gift of a massage should be prepared with love beforehand.
Creating a comfortable, relaxing, and fragrant environment is essential to set the right mood and help the recipient gain the most from his or her experience .

A truly satisfying erotic massage london requires a sanctuary in which both of you can forget about the outside world and focus on your time together. The space you choose could be your bedroom, bathroom, living space, or a room that you have set aside. Take a few minutes beforehand to make the room tidy, warm,and welcoming. Clear away all clutter so that your minds can empty more easily and your bodies can start to unwind. The more able you are to settle into a peaceful state, the more you will both gain from the
erotic massage london, and the greater the connection between you. You can use a erotic massage table to massage your partner’s back, shoulders, legs, and chest, but you may prefer to have a bed, or a space prepared nearby on the floor for more intimate activity that may come later. A firm bed or mattress on the floor is ideal. Make sure that
your partner always has freshly washed sheets and towels to lie on, and to cover him or her. Check that any cushions, blankets, or throws you use are clean and smell freshly laundered.
Muted lighting and candlelight evoke an atmosphere of calm, relaxation, and sensuality. Place candles so that they pool the massage London area in soft light, ensuring that they are also positioned safely and cannot be knocked over. experiment with colored lightbulbs; it is easy to change your usual bulb, and the light created can change the atmosphere of the room instantly.
A red bulb, for example, will suffuse the room with a pink hue, softening any hard edges and bathing your bodies in warm, flattering light.

Make sure that your room is draft-free and warm because the recipient may start to feel cold as the erotic massage london oil evaporates from his or her skin. This is especially important if you plan to massage on the floor since drafts are more noticeable when lying close to the ground. If your partner does feel cold, his or her skin will subtly contract, making it more difficult to fully relax. As the masseur, you are unlikely to feel a chill because you are active throughout. If the room is very warm, you may need to use a fan to gently cool the body. This will also counteract any soporific effect of the massage London  and keep your partner awake.
Smell is highly evocative and can have a potent effect, especially on someone in a state of relaxed awareness. Aroma can transport the mind and aid deep relaxation. Use an oil diffuser to burn essential oils throughout the massage London. You could choose oils that complement or match those in your erotic massage oil. You could also burn incense, but check that it is made from natural ingredients. Many incenses on the market are synthetic and can be overwhelming in a small space. Scented candles will also bring fragrance and soft light to your massage London space. Organic candles are best if you want to avoid harmful chemicals.