Positive pole massage

This tantric massage london focuses on the chakras known as the “positive poles,” that work like the ends of a battery to send out and receive sexual energy. As you massage, you “charge” the poles, making you both feel sexy and alive.1 The man lies on his back. The woman massages his whole pelvic area, including his genitals (see intimate massage,  ).There is no need to Tantric massage toward orgasm; keep the energy you generate within his body.2 Tantric Massage...

Energy fusion massage

Tantra massage London understands that our bodies are bio-electrical systems, with each of us connected to one another, as part of our planet. We are designed to be able to “merge” energy with another person. You can experience this phenomenon through the massage london outlined here. As a result, you can both feel truly connected to each other.Energy fusion massage londonWaking your system Sit opposite your partner, with your palms touching and your fingers resting lightly on your...
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Chakra massage London

When you place your fingers on each other’s chakras as shown here, you open the doorway to intuition and psychic connection between you. This may sound mysterious, but try it; many people have found that they feel closer and more in-tune with their partner afterward. You can then take this intimacy and connection into your erotic massage london.Taking turns to caress Take turns to touch and caress your partner’s body, for at least five minutes each time. The partner receiving the...