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Sensual Massage London

Sensual Massage Central London sound vibrations are deciphered in the brain, but also felt deep within the body. Human beings are extremely responsive to sound on an emotional level. A beautiful love song or a sexy voice can be a potent aphrodisiac. Music instantly creates an atmosphere and can change your mood in a second.


Although erotic massage London is primarily about touch, taking time to stimulate the other senses will create an enriched experience for you and your partner. Try the following suggestions for a massage rich in sensual pleasures massage and erotic delights london:

Sound—Play peaceful or evocative music, whisper loving and empowering words into your partner’s ear, or hum directly onto his or her skin, creating a sound vibration through the body.

Taste—Have fun with food during your sensual massage. Eat tasty morsels directly from your partner’s body, or feed your partner bite sized delights like fruit or chocolate while you are massaging London.

Smell—Burn aromatherapy oils in a burner, light scented candles, or place drops of essential oils on a tissue and waft them under your partner’s nose.

Sight—Watch a favorite sensual massage movie beforehand to stimulate the erotic mind. As the massage unfolds, slowly remove each layer of clothing in a slow-build striptease and when you’re eventually naked, dance erotically for your partner. Beautify the space with flowers, aesthetic art, and stylish candles.

Waking the senses

When your body is working well, you feel healthy, happy, and whole. When all your senses are functioning at optimum level, you can take in and enjoy more of the world around you. Bringing your fully alert, heightened senses to your erotic massage London enhances the experience tenfold for both masseur and recipient.

Sensual woman massage London

Sensual women massage are aroused in different ways to men, and it can take time to truly know how your partner wants to be touched and stimulated, especially at different times of the menstrual cycle. Massage deepens your understanding of your partner’s sensual massage London responses, helping you to appreciate what she really needs and desires—and when. Sensual woman massage " Sensual woman massage London"


Men are often mesmerized by, and sometimes in awe of, a woman’s feminine sensuality and sexual power. These intoxicating qualities, combined with a man’s passion, provide great potential for erotic massage fireworks. Women’s hormonal cycles, however, are not always easy to understand, and their partners often need to show patience and care in order to encourage female sensuality to come to the fore and be fully and unselfconsciously expressed.

Body to body massage London

I encourage you to pursue more pleasure in life, a message London we don’t often hear at home, school, work, or church. You can cultivate and embody greater levels of erotic energy in your body to body massageLondon than you ever imagined. I know this from personal experience. I was over fifty before I learned the techniques of erotic trance that I’m sharing with you in this book. We’re never too young or too old to expand our sensuality. The techniques for erotic massage London in these pages will guide you clearly and joyfully into expanded pleasure, healthy well-being, and even personal Transformation.

I want to demystify body to body massage London and enable you to learn many body to body massage London activities that you may choose to share with a partner, or perform by yourself, whenever you’re in the mood for sensual touch. Body to body massage London is spiritual food. We start with simple caresses of the hand or face that take only ten minutes out of a busy day. You’ll learn to communicate your preferences and express your desires before we move on to full body to body massage London and genital touch.

By committing to time frames and expressing boundaries for each body to body massage London, you learn to build trust and compliance with your partner. When we know what to expect in an activity, we can let our guard down and begin to feel. Until we feel safe, nothing is erotic! You’ll become a child again,discovering and playing with the body to body massage London. You’ll delight in touching for your own pleasure and being aware of the wonder of life in each breath. You’ll learn how to take turns as the giver or the receiver of touch in each activity to deepen your awareness of each other’s bodies.

The adult child in you will remember how to play without strings attached. You’ll practice touch without the need to go someplace, touch without payback, touch without pressure to perform, and touch without obligation. You’ll learn free touching where the mind is focused only on the sensation in the present moment.

Learning to lusciously touch yourself expands your enjoyment of being touched by a partner. By revolutionizing your self-loving (masturbation) techniques, you can bring a new depth and eroticism to partner genital body to body massage London. Self-erotic body to body massage London in front of your partner is a hot way to transform old inhibited routines into new freedom and bliss.

If you are ready to relax your mind and come to your senses, follow me breath by breath, stroke by stroke, into the heart of your loving.

If you are tired of thinking all the time, body to body massage London will guide you into observing.

If you are tired of controlling all the time, body to body massage London will lead you into surrender.

If you are tired of achieving all the time, body to body massage London will lead you into being.