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Sensual massage London Agencies based Central London that fulfills dreams. Sensual massage is our main activity, although we provide other services such as erotic massage shows, catering and others. Feel free to confide us your hottest fantasies. You will soon make sure that there is nothing impossible for us. Imagine absolute freedom.

Let your problems to go, release your emotions, forget about your deadlines and just immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere that our masseuses create for you! In Sensual-London, we are passionate about sensual practices ascending to the beginning of time. We know the secret of sensual techniques bringing out your desires and awakening your sexual energy.

The erotic massages London we master will surely satisfy the most meticulous clientsbringing you ultimate pleasure. Our sensual massages are imaginative, diverse and 100% exciting your deepest senses. Add the stunning beauty of our masseuses, and you will get an incredible fusion!

Our Adult Massage Services in London

Erotic Massage Services

The word ‘erotic’ stems from the name of the Greek god of Love, Eros. At Sensual London, we return to the sensual roots of the word through the intimate, stimulating practice of the ancient art of massage.

At Sensual London masseuse is a delectable, mysterious mix of yin and yang, sweetness and mischief, eroticism and release. Skilled at therapeutic massage and trained equally in the art of manifesting pleasure, she will combine her myriad of talents with her charming personality to whisk you off into a world of heady experiences and sensations that you did not imagine possible.

An erotic massage by our masseuse is an experience not simply for the flesh, but one that fuses the senses as one, stimulating and teasing them both individually and together through an immensely pleasurable journey of peaks and troughs to a heavenly crescendo that will leave you floating on air.

Tantric Massage Services

Tantric is an ancient Hindu word that means woven together, it refers to the esoteric knowledge of the channels of divine energy that course through the body and whose flow is interwoven with the physical manifestations of bodily pleasure.

A Sensual-London Agency, Tantric masseuse is a sight to behold, a visual indulgence holding the promise of pleasure yet to come. Her every movement oozes with the sensuality that her knowledge has imparted to the very essence of her soul. Her skills lie not only in her hands, but infuse every inch of her silky smooth flesh, yearning to share their secrets with you. Don’t approach a Tantric massage as simply a physical interaction but as a holistic, almost spiritual experience.

Its ancient techniques will coax from within you an awakening of your natural healing powers and energy chakras that will leave you rejuvenated and re-energised, fully aware of the stronger stamina and staying power you possess.

Nuru Massage Services

An experience that has become the object of intense fascination right across the world for its visual imagery as much as its exquisite sensations, the Nuru massage has gained immense popularity since it was popularised fairly recently. The gel is made of an all natural substance extracted from the Nori seaweed used in sushi, and the word nuru means slippery in Japanese. Very appropriately, for slippery is the essence of the Nuru massage London.

The sight of your ravishing Sensual-London masseuse, her body glistening with the alluring sheen of cool Nuru gel is in itself an experience worthy of an audience. Watch as her every curve is accented by slivers of light bouncing off the Nuru gel that envelops each inch of her intoxicating form. Savour the excruciatingly pleasure as her talented hands spread the cool gel over you. All that is left will be for her to slide her body on top of yours.

4 Hands Body to Body Massage Services

The perfect opportunity to bond with your significant other, the body to body massage means two sexy masseuses, two massage tables and two very lucky clients sharing the opportunity to bond on a whole new level.

Sensual-London masseuses are experts in the art of putting clients’ minds at ease with their open, relaxed demeanour as their talented hands work their magic on their bodies. This makes a 4 hands body to body massage the perfect way to introduce your partner to the unique pleasures that are to be had through this time tested and proven method of relaxation and release.

Also, watching your partner’s body being treated with sensuous care and alluring expertise by a delectable sensual masseuse as they watch the same on you creates an atmosphere ripe with ample possibilities. The 4 Hands Body to Body Massage is the ideal way to experience a pleasure massage as the gateway to a night of passion and discovery.

4 Hands Sensual Massage Services

When it is time to indulge, why not go all the way? That is what we believe here at Sensual-London. And we think that the perfect way for you to really give yourself a treat is to double the number of hands running across your body.

Appropriately called the Sensual Massage 4 Hands, this exercise in pure indulgence is the sensual pairing of two alluring specimens from Sensual-London wide variety of dazzling masseuses to test the limits of your capacity for sensory titillation. If you have ever had a massage of any kind from a Sensual-London masseuse, we don’t need to convince you of the quality of service that we have always strived to maintain and deliver.

If you believe you can withstand double sensations, sights, sounds and waves of ecstasy that you experienced with just one of our talented and professionals sexy masseuses, this is the perfect pleasure opportunity to reach new heights of gratification.

Sensual Massage London Party

Chosen for their sultry looks and charming demeanour, Sensual-London masseuses are not just experts at the art of sensual massage, but multi-talented, fascinating creatures you have to know to fully appreciate. We now are allowing you to the opportunity to do exactly that.

After repeated requests from our clients, we are now proud to introduce the erotic massage a Party with the Masseuses package! Make a choice of two or more of our delectable ladies and party the night away in an authentic interaction that just might leave you with lifelong memories.

Whereas with just a erotic massage you get to experience just one of the many talents they possess, a party is where these talented ladies really let their hair down and reveal themselves. Discover the woman behind the hands that work magic and you will find a young, fresh mind open to ideas and an engaging personality that will captivate and mesmerise you. And the thing with parties is who knows where they might lead?

4 or 6 Hands Massage with Lesbian Show

Sensual-London exists for a single purpose to pamper each one of our clients with the very best and most imaginative massage experiences by the most beautiful and talented ladies they could ever desire. Out of this inherent desire to cater to every erotic fantasy was born what is ostensibly one of the most indulgent concoctions to spoil the senses available anywhere, the 4 hands massage with Lesbian Show exists in our alon fron central London.

Dreamed up of by our masseuses themselves, this is the extravagant Erotic Massage 4 or 6 Hands taken to an even more intensely tantalizing, exotic conclusion. Oh, but it’s not the conclusion at all the lesbian massage show is a beginning unto itself, and a medley of visual and aural sexy messages that will leave the observer unable to tear their eyes from the two flawless, perfectly toned bodies before them wrapped together in mutual ecstasy.

Popular with both men and women, the 4 or 6 Hands Massage with lesbian massage show is an experience not to be missed.


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